The impacts of the climate crisis on global markets are complex and unpredictable. But the scale of these future risks will ultimately be determined by the actions taken today by governments, companies and individuals.

The disruption caused by the transition to a low-carbon economy, in addition to physical impacts caused by the changing climate, will lead to a variety of risks and opportunities. Companies must identify, manage and disclose these potential positive and negative impacts by incorporating climate change into existing risk management processes. This will enable companies to respond quickly and appropriately to ensure their business is resilient to future climate shocks.

Developed by the Climate Disclosure Standards Board and Radley Yeldar, this game is designed to help players understand the range of potential impacts associated with climate change, and how to integrate climate-related risks into business decision-making processes.

Objective of the game:
Players should work together to identify and address climate-related risks that might impact their business and to build climate resilience.

How to succeed:
By the end of the game, the company will be given a resilience score. The higher the score, the more resilient the company is to future climate shocks.

Equipment needed:
Deck of cards or print the downloadable version
Pen and paper
Mobile phone

Number of players:
4-10 people

Suggested play time:
30 minutes to play the game, and 10 minutes for reflection.


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